Food Laboratory

The Institute for Food Microbiology is the leading laboratory for food testing in Israel and performs tests in the fields of microbiology and food chemistry. The laboratory provides service to all the companies related to food and nutritional supplements.

Over 40 years of expertise, excellence and personal service make the Institute for Food Microbiology one of the leading laboratories in its areas of operation. Along the years a lot of knowledge, expertise and experience  have been accumulated in the institute’s different areas of operation – Microbiology and chemistry for the different industries.

The laboratories of the Institute for Food Microbiology are equipped with the most innovative equipment in the field and we are all the time concerned about improving the capabilities of our employees in order to give our customers the most important service – accurate and reliable information in the shortest period of time regarding the quality and properties of substances and the processes in the plant. The laboratory inspects the overall operations of food processing plants – from raw materials, development, manufacturing processes, tests of the environment in the plant and until the release of the final product.

In the last few years the Institute for Food Microbiology has purchased new equipment for fast tests of Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli 0157, and has received the certification from the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority to perform these tests.  Using this equipment, our clients receive results within 24-48 hours.

The vast knowledge and experience that has been accumulated in the laboratory enables us to address our customers’ needs in the following topics:

  1. Identifying the cause of infection in the plant and proposing the corrective actions to treat and prevent the infection.
  2. Consultancy services in projects in the fields of product development, modification of existing product, preservative materials, shelf life testing and accelerating the shelf life.
  3. The laboratories of the Institute for Food Microbiology constitute a hotbed for Start Up companies for the development and testing of their products.

Food testing – Chemical laboratory:

The laboratory tests the entire range of food products for nutritional labelling on the package.

  • Complete nutritional labelling including Trans-fat.
  • Tests for slaughterhouses and meat plants.
  • Allergens – the laboratory is certified to test 10 different allergens.
  • Preservative materials.
  • Quality testing for oils and olive oils.


Food testing – Microbial laboratory:

The Microbial laboratory works in two shifts a day and performs tests to examine all kinds of microorganisms, pathogens, yeast and molds.

Over 90% of the tests performed are authorized by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority. Moreover, the laboratory is recognized for performing food tests by the Ministry of Health, and all the tests are performed according to recognized and standard methods.

  • Microbial analysis according to standard
  • Pathogens testing in the product
  • Identification of microbial contaminants
  • Hygiene and environmental testing
  • Air sampling