Cosmetics Laboratory

The tests in the lab are performed according to the requirements of the European or the U.S. pharmacopoeia – for finding the presence of specific microorganisms in Cosmetics, Toiletries and Hygiene products.

Microbial Quality Testing:

According to the U.S. pharmacopoeia – USP

According to the European pharmacopoeia – EP

Microbial tests to cosmetics prior to submission for licensing for the Ministry of Health.

Challenge test according to the European and U.S. pharmacopoeia.

Stability tests

Environmental tests:  sampling of air, surfaces, hands and robes.

Disinfection effectiveness for surfaces and hands – according to Israeli (1944), European or American standards.

The lab works with the largest Cosmetics and Toiletries manufacturers in the country and examines creams, shampoos, cleaning preparations, wipes, makeup, tampons and more.