Water Laboratory

The water laboratory is a professional lab which works in compliance to the Standard Methods for Water Examination.

Laboratory certifications:

ISO 17025



The laboratory is authorized by the Ministry of Health for testing medical institutes such as hospitals, elderly homes and nursing centers for testing dialysis water, testing of cold and warm taps and for testing Legionellosis.

The laboratory tests bacteria and contaminants in the process water for all the companies  in the fields of food, cosmetics, pharma and medical accessories.

Additionally, the laboratory test drinking water, well water, mineral water, swimming pools and Jacuzzi, sewage, treated wastewater, river and sea water.

The lab tests water purification devices according to Standards 1505 phases A, B and C.

The Water laboratory in the Institute for Food Microbiology is the first private laboratory to have received the approval of the Ministry of Health for testing the Legionella bacterium.

One of the specializations of the laboratory is the testing of the TAB bacteria in beverages, and the lab holds certifications from international companies to perform such test.