Over 40 years of expertise, excellence and personal service make the Institute for Microbiology one of the leading laboratories in its areas of operation. Along the years a lot of knowledge, expertise and experience  have been accumulated in the institute’s different areas of operation – Microbiology and chemistry for the different industries.

Food Laboratory

The Institute for Food Microbiology is the leading laboratory for food testing in Israel and performs tests in the fields of microbiology and food chemistry.

Water Laboratory

The water laboratory is a professional lab which works in compliance to the Standard Methods for Water and Wastewater Examination.

Cosmetic Laboratory

The lab works with the largest Cosmetics and Toiletries manufacturers in the country and examines creams, shampoos, cleaning preparations, wipes, makeup, tampons and more.

Pharmaceutical & medical Device Laboratory

The laboratory is authorized by FDA & GMP to test Pharmaceutical products.

Environmental Laboratory

The enviromental laboratory testing expertise:

water and wastewater analysis, industrial plant enviromental monitoring and sampling.

Accreditation & Certification

The Institute For Microbiology is accredited to ISO 17025:2005.
The laboratory is authorized by the FDA & GMP to test Pharmaceutical products.